Jaime Sevilla

Epoch Observatorio de Riesgos Catastróficos Globales CSER .


I am working towards a better understanding and management of Artificial Intelligence. Background in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I am currently studying trends in Machine Learning at Epoch.
My ambition is to deliver a scientific understanding of what is driving innovation in AI, and sketch the path of the technology in future decades.

I also strive towards better management of global risk through my roles as director of the Observatorio de Riesgos Catastróficos Globales and research affiliate to the Center for the Study of Existential Risk of Cambridge University.

selected publications

  1. algorithmic-progress.png
    Algorithmic progress in language models
    Anson Ho, Tamay Besiroglu, Ege Erdil, and 6 more authors
  2. pcd.png
    Parameter, Compute and Data Trends in Machine Learning
  3. please.png
    Please Report Your Compute
    J. Sevilla, A. Ho, and T. Besiroglu
    Communications of the ACM, 2023
  4. compute-trends.png
  5. data.png
    Will we run out of data? An analysis of the limits of scaling datasets in Machine Learning
    P. Villalobos, J. Sevilla, L. Heim, and 3 more authors
    arXiv, 2022